Thursday, 24 March 2011

SIDS: England: Laura Atkin's baby boy was found dead in his cot

ciara hill
A FIVE month old baby boy was found dead in his cot by his mother, an inquest heard.
Jack Ellerton was a healthy, well-cared for baby who had been put in his cot by mum Laura Atkin for a mid-morning sleep on August 5 last year.
But when she went to wake him later she found him stiff and cold.
The baby boy had been placed in his cot on his back, but was strong enough to turn over and was found by his mother on his stomach.
The inquest heard he had recently suffered gastroenteritis, but he had recovered fully, and he had a history of reflux, which is the persistent bringing up of food.
Speaking at the hearing, Miss Lakin, who lives with the baby's father Andrew Ellerton in Austin Street, Hanley, said she had experienced a normal pregnancy and birth with Jack.
She said: "At his six week check he was gaining enough weight but both the GP and health visitor said he had reflux problems and at four months they put him on stay down milk and that was a lot better.
"He would sleep straight through the night. He was strong and after the gastroenteritis he was back to his normal self.
"On August 5 he woke at 5am crying because he had rolled over and he didn't like it. Andy put him back on his back but he woke again at 6am because he had rolled again.
"I got up at 6.40am and woke my daughter Isabelle. We all went to Tesco and then I dropped Andy at work.
"Jack was asleep in the car seat so I let him stay there. When I was getting him out of the car seat he woke and I gave him his milk then took him upstairs and lay him in the cot.
"I went downstairs to do the washing up."
When Miss Lakin went to wake Jack he was lying face down, motionless and his arms were spread out. The ambulance call centre staff directed her to carry out resuscitation but it was unsuccessful.
Police carried out a routine inspection and they found nothing which could point to a cause of death.
Specialist paediatric pathologist, Dr Claire Bowen said: "There were no signs of any injury and the baby appeared well-looked after. There were no signs of inflammation or infection. Given that he was found face down and this is a risk factor in Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, or SIDS, that is the conclusion.
"SIDS usually occurs in infants under one and is of higher frequency in those under six months old.
"But there were no other risk factors, such as smoking in the family or co-sleeping."
Recording a verdict of death by natural causes Margaret Jones, assistant deputy coroner, told Miss Lakin: "This was a happy healthy baby, quite properly put to bed. SIDS is the only conclusion.
"Sadly parents would like answers but sometimes there are none. You were just very unfortunate, you did nothing wrong."

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