Thursday, 24 March 2011

SBS: Montana: Christopher Lewis

Mar 23, 2011  Irina Cates
A Corvallis man will spend 10 years in the Montana State Prison, with no parole, for abusing his nine-week old son.

Even though no one knows exactly what happened to the baby, medical staff said the boys injuries were consistent with what used to be known as "shaken baby syndrome."
Christopher Lewis' defenses attorney asked the judge not to give his client prison time. He said Lewis' son doesn't have developmental disabilities and seems to be doing fine.
But prosecutors said the long-term effects of this abusive head trauma are still unknown, and that just because the boy is able to be treated medically, it doesn't mean Lewis shouldn't face the consequences for his actions.
The prosecutor said that after the defendant inflicted the injuries on his baby, the boy kept throwing up his food.
Medical personnel found retinal hemorrhaging and bleeding in the boy's brain.
"We hear that my bad ankle gave out, I dropped the child and fell on him, which we know isn't the type of mechanism that causes these type of injuries," said Bill Fulbright, Ravalli County Attorney.
Prosecutors also said Lewis delayed getting the child treatment, but Lewis denies telling his wife not to take the baby to the hospital. Because of these injuries the boy started having seizures and had to have eye surgery.
Defense said Lewis is remorseful for what happened and he deeply loves his two children. When the judge gave him the opportunity to speak, Lewis didn't say anything.
"Fortunately for the child and for you, those injuries were mitigated by medical care," said Judge Jeffrey Langton, Ravalli County District Court.
Once Lewis serves his 10 year prison sentence for aggravated assault, he will be on probation for another 10 years.
Lewis can't have any contact with his children and the judge said he can't be around any children during the time he's being supervised by the state.


  1. Possibly Mr. Lewis is not guilty of causing the baby's injuries. Read the 2011 book Shaken Baby Syndrome or Vaccine-Induced Encephalitis: Are Parents Being Falsely Accused?, by Harold Buttram, M.D., and Christina England, research journalist.

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