Sunday, 13 March 2011

SBS: Michigan: Devin Deangelis freed on bond

A man accused of killing a baby was set free on bond Friday with no restrictions.

Devin Deangelis is charged with murder after the death of his former girlfriend's 7-week-old daughter.

On Friday, a judge decided to grant Deangelis a $30,000 bond. He paid the money and is free from prison without any restrictions.

The child's mother, Kelly Hayes, said she is living a nightmare knowing the man she said killed her daughter is free to run.

"This is hell on Earth right now," Hayes said. "They are basically giving him the chance to run."

Wayne County prosecutors said they objected to Judge James Callahan's ruling to let Deangelis out of jail before his trial.

Callahan offered no explanation for his decision to set Deangelis free.

In August, Hayes' daughter, Isabella, was rushed to Children's Hospital in Detroit, where she was diagnosed with brain damage from a skull fracture and the symptoms of shaken baby syndrome, doctors said. She later died.

The medical examiner determined her death was from blunt force trauma to the head.

Deangelis was arrested and charged with child abuse and first-and second-degree murder.

"That's the worst feeling as a parent," Hayes said. "Especially when you're child's murdered."

Hayes said she is in hiding because she said the judge gave her ex-boyfriend a chance to come after her.

Devin Deangelis

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