Thursday, 17 March 2011

SBS: Newfoundland: Colin Matcham

March 16, 2011
Shortly after his infant daughter was taken to hospital suffering from what doctors suspect was Shaken Baby Syndrome, Colin James Matchim confessed to police that he did it.
Matchim made the confession to RNC Sgt. Pat Roche on March 26, 2009, during a videotaped statement at RNC headquarters.
Colin Matchim sits in Newfoundland Supreme Court in this file photo.
It happened just a few hours after denying to police he shook the baby.
The admissibility of Matchim's confession was the subject of arguments for over a week in Matchim’s trial in Newfoundland Supreme Court in St. John’s.
Justice Wayne Dymond ruled today the confession is admissible and can be entered into evidence during the trial.
Matchim, who is not in custody, quickly grabbed his coat and walked out of the courtroom after proceedings, which took just minutes for Dymond to announce his decision.
The trial continues Thursday.
Matchim faces one count of aggravated assault. He's suspected of shaking his 3 1/2-month-old daughter in early March 2009, causing her permanent brain damage.

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