Tuesday, 7 September 2010

SIDS: IDAHO: Authorities suspect SIDS in infant death

5-month-old boy found non-responsive at day care center
Authorities in Blaine County suspect sudden infant death syndrome in the death Friday afternoon of a 5-month-old boy at a Hailey day care center.
Hailey police identified the infant Tuesday as Logan Calvin Smith, the son of Hailey residents Maurine Byrne and Parker Smith. He was pronounced dead at St. Luke's Wood River Medical Center after being found non-responsive at Itty Bitty Infant Day Care in the Foxmoor subdivision.
Blaine County Coroner Russell Mikel said an autopsy performed Saturday at the Ada County Coroner's Office in Boise showed no evidence of external trauma nor a readily explainable reason for the infant's death. Mikel said the child had no history of medical problems and it appears to be a "classic" case of SIDS, a situation in which an apparently healthy infant dies for unknown reasons. Mikel said a final determination is pending lab results from the autopsy.

Mikel said emergency personnel were notified after the infant was "found unresponsive when the babysitter went to check on it during a nap."
Wood River Fire & Rescue Chief Bart Lassman said his department was notified at 2:04 p.m. He said the baby had no pulse and was not breathing when emergency responders arrived at the day care center at 1041 Foxmoor Drive.
He said the child was immediately placed in an ambulance and emergency personnel started "their advanced life support protocols while en route to the hospital." Lassman said efforts to revive the infant were unsuccessful. He was pronounced dead at 2:45 p.m. at St. Luke's Wood River Medical Center.
Hailey Assistant Police Chief Dave Stellers said the incident remained under investigation Tuesday, but that "we have no reason to suspect why this happened other than a SIDS-type death."
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  1. Why didnt the parents get a copy of the reports both autopsy and toxicology? The "Ada county coroners office" should send them something!

    Nikki Martens