Monday, 6 September 2010

SBS: Pennsylvania: Separate child abuse cases under investigation

Sara Ganim
September 2, 2010
Authorities are investigating separate cases of child abuse in Centre County.
CDT Radio Report: Chief David King says these cases are simply heartbreaking
Ferguson Township police said a 2-month-old boy was taken from his parents after doctors found a skull fracture consistent with shaken baby syndrome during a routine doctor visit.
And police in Spring Township said they are investigating whether a baby sitter abused a 5- month-old baby girl, causing head trauma that landed the infant in the hospital.
In each case, police said the babies were taken to Mount Nittany Medical Center, then immediately transferred to Geisinger Medical Center in Danville, where they were admitted.
The Ferguson Township case was reported to police July 26, after a skull fracture and other microfractures to the baby’s limbs were found by doctors.
He was hospitalized, but has been released, and is in protective custody with Children and Youth Services.
Police did not release the names of the parents, who are in their late 20s, and were living on West Aaron Drive when it happened. Police said they’ve since moved within the county.
Spring Township Police Chief David King said Wednesday that the parents of the 5-month-old girl reported the possible abuse the night of Aug. 18, shortly after taking their baby to the emergency room because she was acting strange.
Physicians at Geisinger determined she’d suffered head trauma. Children and Youth Services were called, and notified police.
Because no charges have yet been filed, police did not identify the baby sitter who is under investigation. Detectives and the investigator from CYS plan to review the case with the District Attorney’s Office.
“That meeting is going to determine what charges and if charges are going to be filed,” King said. “So we’re hoping to know something within a couple of weeks.”
King said he thinks the child is home, and police aren’t aware of permanent brain damage.
“Here’s a little 5-(month)-old girl who is totally innocent,” King said. “And whether something happened intentionally, negligently or just in a total accident, it’s just sad, because they can’t do anything about it, not like we as adults can.” Read more:

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