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SBS: Idaho: Boise man charged with murder for shaking death of infant

By Patrick Orr 08/30/10
Hearing delayed for Boise man charged in death of infant daughter
A preliminary hearing has been delayed for the man charged in the shaking death of his infant daughter.
Jeffery Baker, 50, of Boise is charged with first-degree murder in the death of 11-week-old Gracelynn Noelle Baker.
The hearing was postponed until Aug. 30.
Suspect in Boise shaken baby homicide says he doesn't 'agree' with murder charge
Jeffery Allen Baker is being held in the Ada County Jail on a charge of first-degree murder for the death of his infant daughter earlier this year after declining Monday to even ask for a bond amount for his release.
The public defender representing Baker told 4th District Magistrate Michael Oths that Baker agreed to remain in jail with no bond and wouldn’t revisit that issue until a preliminary hearing on the murder charge, which is tentatively scheduled for July 12.
Boise police arrested Baker, who was already in jail for an unrelated criminal case, Friday for the May 14 death of his 11-week old daughter Gracelynn.

Jeffrey Baker, suspect in baby's death, will stay in jail
Little new emerged in court Monday - that's because attorneys for Jeffrey A. Baker, charged with murdering his 11-week-old daughter Gracelynn earlier this May, agreed he should stay in jail without bond, so prosecutors didn't have to disclose the probable cause that led to the arrest. A preliminary hearing was tentatively scheduled for July 12.
Boise police say the baby died as the result of abusive head trauma. Prosecutors are charging Baker with first-degree murder, claiming he killed the infant while committing another crime: aggravated battery on an infant.
When asked by the magistrate if he understood the charges against him, Baker replied, "I don't agree with it" before his public defender stopped further comment.
Mother struggles after father charged in 11-week-old's death
Jeffery Allen Baker, 50, is charged with first-degree murder in the death of his 11-week-old daughter, Gracelynn Noelle Baker.
Gracelynn died May 14 from abusive head trauma, according to Ada County Coroner Erwin Sonnenberg.
Jeffery Alan Baker - the 50-year-old who is accused of shaking his 11-week-old daughter to death in May - is scheduled to enter a plea in his first degree murder case later this week.
Fourth District Magistrate Daniel Steckel determined last Friday at the conclusion of a preliminary hearing there is enough probable cause to charge Baker with first degree murder and move the case to the District Court, where felonies are tried.
Baker is now set to enter a plea in front of 4th District Judge Patrick Owen Sept. 3.
Baker is accused of fatally injuring 11-week-old Gracelynn Noelle Baker at his Southeast Boise home on May 10. Gracelynn died May 14 from abusive head trauma - an injury commonly referred to as shaken baby syndrome - according to Ada County coroner’s reports.
Boise police say Baker injured his daughter on or about May 10 by "an act or acts of physical force or violence" causing an "abusive head injury" from which she died, according to court records.
The charge of first degree murder is punishable by up to life in prison.
Baker, who was in jail for an unrelated crime when he was arrested on the murder charge in June, did time at Idaho prisons for two forgery convictions related to offenses that occurred in 1998, one in Elmore County and one in Ada County, according to the Idaho Department of Correction.
He was released on parole on Feb. 22, 2006.Read more:

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