Monday, 6 September 2010

SBS: Winston-Salem: 15 years in jail in the shaking death of a 22-month-old baby

DAVIDSON COUNTY -- Travis Christopher Lemmond, 20, was sentenced Wednesday to 12 to 15 years in jail in the shaking death of a 22-month-old baby.
Lemmons pleaded guilty in July to a second-degree murder charge, avoiding a first-degree murder charge and child abuse charge.
About 50 people showed up for the hearing Wednesday afternoon, many becoming emotional as testimony was heard from prosecution and defense witnesses.
A state medical examiner's report was read that indicated the baby, Lily Grace Crowell, died from blunt head trauma as a result of child abuse.
Lemmond offered his own apology during the hearing.
"I am very sorry. I made some horrible choices that night. I loved Lilly with all of my heart," he said.
The stepfather of the baby's mother, who initially supported Lemmond, also took the stand for the prosecution, saying the reason he originally offered his support was based on a lie.
Lily's mother and Lemmond have remained together, family members said.

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