Monday, 6 September 2010

SBS: Florida: Foster Mom Not Guilty in Baby's Death

By CURTIS KRUEGER August 28, 2010
LARGO Former foster mother Tenesia Brown looked ahead stoically for a full minute after a jury found her not guilty of murdering a baby in her care.
But then the verdict visibly sank in, as she tearfully hugged her lawyer. Her husband Marcus, on a bench just behind her, bowed his head and wept.
Although there were no witnesses, prosecutors said circumstantial and medical evidence showed Brown had caused catastrophic brain injuries to Lazon Gulley, then 14 months old. They said Lazon suffered all the classic symptoms of shaken baby syndrome.
But defense lawyer Ron Kurpiers attacked the diagnosis of shaken baby syndrome, bringing in experts who said the science behind the syndrome is faulty.
One of the experts was Ronald Uscinski, a neurosurgeon affiliated with Georgetown and George Washington universities, who said he saw no evidence of abuse.
"He's getting paid $10,000 to take the position that shaken baby syndrome or violent head trauma does not happen," Assistant State Attorney Holly Grissinger said in her closing argument.

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