Wednesday, 29 September 2010

SBS: Trial in Newfoundland, Canada

A doctor testifying during a Newfoundland second-degree murder trial said yesterday that the baby boy who died may have been shaken.
Dr. Dorothy Bautista, a pediatric ophthalmologist, was testifying in the trial of Jeffery Isaac Tippett in provincial court in Corner Brook. Tippett was charged in the 2007 death of 11-month-old Tameron Rose of Corner Brook.
Bautista, who examined Rose's eyes at the Janeway Children's Hospital, said that she found retinal hemorrhages in both of the child's eyes.
Bautista also testified that her recommendation was to investigate the possibility the child had been shaken.
She said the severity of the injuries were consistent with a being shaken, especially in the absence of no obvious trauma to the outside of the child's body.
Court has also heard testimony that revealed the child's autopsy showed he had a skull fracture.
She said she had seen similar injuries in a child who had fallen from a third-storey balcony in her past clinical experience.
Under cross-examination, Bautista told defence lawyer Keir O'Flaherty that she later learned Tameron Rose had, in fact, suffered a skull fracture, which was not discovered until his autopsy.
O'Flaherty asked Bautista if she had been aware, at the time of her examination, that Tippett's partner - Tanya Tulk, who was caring for Rose with Tippett on Jan. 30, 2007 - had told police the child had banged his head on a crib earlier in the day. Bautista said she wasn't.

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