Tuesday, 28 December 2010

SIDS: Blogger's Comment

As a personal point of view, I believe Sudden Infant Death should be (and by some is) known as "Cause Unknown" or "Uncertain" as used by some authors and pathologists.
Reference to case reports in my book, Calendar of Miseries shows the numerous cases where initial diagnosis was SIDS and the mother later explained it was murder.
The reason for this interjection at the end of the year is the several comments on the statistical finding that SIDS is so much more common on New Years Day -- clearly that is a human factor and not a metabolic, electrical or one of the other credible possibilities of unexplained cause of death.
Equally clearly, it is a factor that could be corrected. If we can work to remove traffic accidents due to alcohol in the "festive" season, so could we work towards reducing infant deaths.

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