Friday, 10 December 2010

SBS: Australia

 Dec 7, 2010 8:39am AEDT
Mystery surrounds baby girl's death
The baby died at the Royal Children's Hospital.
Melbourne police say they do not know whether a 10-month-old girl who died after being in the care of a babysitter had been shaken.
The baby died in hospital on Sunday night after undergoing surgery for aneurism-type head injuries.
The girl was not well when her parents picked her up from Kensington, in Melbourne's inner-west, on Friday night.
The parents rushed her to the Royal Children's Hospital where she underwent surgery for head injuries but later died.
Detective Inspector John Potter says the babysitter, who is a mother of two, has been questioned by police.
He says a post-mortem examination will help them work out what happened.
"Babies' bones are quite brittle and can receive injuries from things such as shaking," he said.
"Not to say that's the case here; again we have to keep an open mind."
Detective Inspector Potter says the girl's parents are distraught.
"They maintained a bedside vigil at the Royal Children's Hospital until such time as the child passed away last night," he said.

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