Thursday, 2 December 2010

SBS: New Zealand: Tatana: Home detention for shaking daughter

BELINDA FEEK - Waikato Times
A Cambridge man who severely injured his daughter shaking her in frustration after she soiled herself has avoided prison after being sentenced in the Hamilton District Court this evening.
Jacob Patrick Tatana, 21, had earlier admitted a charge of injuring by unlawful act after he caused severe haemorrhaging to the left side of her brain and eye after the incident at his home on March 1 this year.
The court heard Tatana - exhausted after a weekend of smoking cannabis and drinking - was charged with looking after his daughter on the Monday night while his partner was at work.
About 9pm while getting her ready for bed and changing her, she soiled herself and messed on a blanket she was lying on.
Tatana lost his temper, picked her up, shook her violently then thrust her down onto an air mattress which was on the floor.
An hour later she became unresponsive and floppy. A CT scan at Waikato Hospital revealed a 3mm thick layer of actue subdural haemorrhaging on most of the left cerebral hempisphere - trauma consistent with shaken baby syndrome.
Tatana was convicted and sentenced to three months' home detention and 150 hours' community work.

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