Thursday, 16 December 2010

SBS: Arizona: Hernandez

10 Dec 2010 
PHOENIX - It's a tragic case of child abuse: a 3-month-old boy was beaten to death and police say his father is to blame. Now the boy's mother speaks exclusively to FOX 10.
The mother, who should have been enjoying motherhood, is now preparing to bury her young son.
Police say the child's father admitted to shaking his own son. The boy clung to life at an area hospital for three days before he passed away.
"He was breathing and he died, but he died in my arms," said Imari McClure, the boy's mother.
McClure never though she would be planning a funeral for her 3-month-old baby boy. Francisco Hernandez, Jr. died of shaken baby syndrome on Wednesday.
"I begged him to wake up..I said if he loves me, he would wake up," said McClure.
On Monday morning, police say the baby's father who is also named Francisco Hernandez, shook the child so hard it caused brain swelling. Imari and the child's father aren't together, so she got the call at home.
"I don't think is really the word for it..I'm really angry..I just want to know why," she said.
Phoenix Police arrested Hernandez on an outstanding warrant. They say he has a violent criminal past. While being questioned, police say Hernandez admitted to shaking the baby out of frustration.
Imari says she never though Hernandez would hurt his own son.
"I just don't understand..I hate him," she said. "It's not fair because he could have called..and please pick him up."
Hernandez is facing a child abuse and murder charge.

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