Thursday, 16 December 2010

SBS: Texas: Jose Trevino

 December 16, 2010:  Robin Pyle
Lubbock authorities on Wednesday filed felony charges against a baby sitter’s boyfriend in connection with a severe shaken baby case last month.
A 6-month-old boy on Nov. 5 suffered bleeding between his brain and skull after police say 19-year-old Jose Trevino violently shook the infant while frustrated, according to court documents.
On Wednesday, Lubbock police obtained an arrest warrant for Trevino, charging him with two counts of intentionally and knowingly causing serious bodily injury to a child. One count was causing injury by shaking the infant, the other involved striking the child with a hard object.
Police say Trevino’s girlfriend was watching the infant at their residence when she went to take a shower, leaving her boyfriend and the infant alone together in the living room. The child was sleeping, but woke up fussy while the girlfriend was still in the shower.
Authorities were called just after 9 a.m. to the 5700 block of Second Place after a report of a child not breathing. The infant was rushed to the hospital, and emergency crews were able to revive him en route, according to police reports.
According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, the majority of infants who survive severe shaking will have some form of neurological or mental disability, such as cerebral palsy or mental retardation, which may not be fully apparent before the age of 6.
Shaking infants can cause such severe damage because their fragile brains bounce back and forth inside the skull, which causes bruising, swelling and bleeding.
Lubbock police say Trevino admitted he shook the child because “he was getting frustrated.” The infant was fussy — possibly from teething — and he couldn’t get him to calm down, even after giving him a bottle of milk and giving him medicine.
“Jose stated he repeatedly shook (the infant) with a back and forth motion,” the officer said in his report. “Jose stated he knew he shook him too hard and immediately knew he had hurt him. Jose stated (the infant’s) eyelids started to close and he stopped breathing.”
Medical staff told police the injuries were consistent with child abuse.
A CAT Scan revealed the child suffered “diffused subdural hemorrhaging,” which is bleeding between the brain and skull and often the result of abusive head trauma, the officer said in his report.
When police first interviewed Trevino, he told them the child just stopped breathing and said: “I wasn’t shaking him vigorously, I was just kind of rocking him,” according to court documents.
But Trevino later reportedly told police he “originally lied because he did not want people to think bad about him,” according to court documents.
He also told police he accidentally hit the child’s head with the car seat handle when taking him out of his car seat.
The Avalanche-Journal reached Trevino by phone on Wednesday afternoon, and he said: “I’d rather not comment.”
He also refused to give the name of his attorney, and attorney information wasn’t available in public record for him.
The bail attached to Trevino’s warrant was $100,000.

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