Sunday, 26 December 2010

SBS: Missouri: Greg Walker

Damarion Walker.jpg
Damarion Walker before his body was broken.
Three-month old Damarion Walker has a blood clot on his brain, two broken femurs and an injured wrist. His injuries have been called "critical," and doctors believe his injuries are a case of "shaken- baby syndrome."

KMBC Channel 9 interviewed Damarion's mother, Kinsey Starling, who told reporter Peggy Breit that she was shocked when authorities charged Damarion's father, Greg Walker, with aggravated battery. Starling told Breit there's no way Walker could have injured their son. Authorities say otherwise.
Walker, 34, has "spent half of his life in prison," but Starling claimed those were crimes he didn't commit. "We're a happy family and we would never think of hurting our children, ever," she told Breit. "It's horrible and it's confusing to me because I know there's other things that can cause this, and all they're trying to focus on is child abuse."
Starling and Walker have been together for two-and-a-half years. Starling was at work last week when Walker called and told her Damarion had been "fussing" and was now "unresponsive." When the baby boy was taken to the hospital, doctors believed they had a case of shaken-baby syndrome.
Right then and there, they told me, 'Well, he had a blood clot on his brain and this is caused by a blow to the head,'" she said. "We thought, 'A blow to the head? Like who would really hit a child in their head?'"
Authorities apparently believe Walker would -- despite Starling's protests. Now, as investigators sort out what happened, Starling has lost custody of Damarion as well as her other child. She's not allowed to see her son. Today, she'll reportedly be in court fighting for visitation.
Meanwhile, Walker is locked up in the Johnson County jail, and we can only hope Damarion survives.

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