Monday, 2 May 2011

SIDS: Role of education in prevention

To evaluate formative evaluation, a pedagogic method that sensitizes mothers to SIDS, as a new way to improve prevention of SIDS.

Prospective and randomized study. Mothers in a test-group (n=148) received an educative questionnaire about SIDS during maternity stay. Three months later we evaluated by a telephonic interview their scores of knowledge and observance of the recommendations in comparison with a control-group (n=144).

Mothers' scores at the educative questionnaire was 5.12 (1.52) [mean(standard deviation)]. The scores performed three months later were better in test-group for knowledge [7.64 (1.56) vs 7.16 (1.61), p <0.01] and for observance [8.28 (1.51) vs 7.62 (1.72), p<0.001]. Logistic regression analysis confirmed the benefits in test-group regarding knowledge of SIDS risk factors [ORa = 1.69 (1.02 - 2.77), p<0.05], of the advice to avoid overheating infants [ORa = 2.50 (1.43 - 4.38), p<0.01] and of the risks of bed sharing [ORa = 2.7 (1.6 - 4.5), p<0.001]. There was a significant association between non compliance with the sleeping position recommendation and unemployment (p<0.01) and absence of post secondary school education (p<0.01).

Formative evaluation using an educative questionnaire could improve maternal awareness on SIDS risk factors and their compliance with recommendations about SIDS prevention.

Acta Paediatrica © 2011 Foundation Acta Paediatrica.PMID: 517963 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]

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