Thursday, 12 May 2011

SBS: Ohio: Coroner: Infant Girl Colleen Dobbins' Death a Homicide

COLUMBUS -- A 5-month-old baby girl's death is ruled a homicide by the
Franklin County Coroner's Office, ABC6/FOX28 News' Carol Luper reports Tuesday.
Colleen Dobbins died in March, two days after medics rushed her from her babysitter's home and to a hospital for medical attention. Tests show she was a victim of shaken baby syndrome.
Her father is an assistant lacrosse coach David Dobbins at Ohio State University.  In April, the team honored the Dobbins' family for donating the baby's organs. They wore her initials on their uniforms and featured green bands representing the cause of organ donation.
Police had not filed charges regarding the case as of Tuesday; however, they've said the infant was hurt by the babysitter.
Sgt. Steven Little, of the Columbus Division of Police Homicide Squad, "The child was immediately diagnosed as having severe retinal hemorrhage, which is consistent with shaken baby [syndrome]."
According to the coroner's autopsy report, little Colleen was crying and her care-giver was bouncing the child on the knee. At one point, Colleen became unresponsive.
The coroner ruled the death the end result of traumatic brain injury and homicidal in nature.
ABC6/FOX28 News is not releasing the babysitter's name because no charges have been filed.
"We'll take the package down to the prosecutor's officer for review and possible indictment of the suspect in question for a murder charge."

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