Monday, 2 May 2011

SIDS: Australia: Police to re-investigate Kristi Abrahams' son's death

Saffron Howden: April 25 2011
HOMICIDE detectives plan to reopen an investigation into the death of Kiesha Abrahams's brother after the arrest of her mother and stepfather on Friday over the little girl's murder.
Ayden, the son of Kristi Anne Abrahams, 28, and her former partner, Chris Weippeart, was believed to have died from sudden infant death syndrome more than a year before Kiesha was born.
But following the arrest about 1am on Friday of Kiesha's mother, Ms Abrahams, and stepfather, Robert Smith, 31, police are considering taking another look at Ayden's death.
Kiesha Abrahams. Kiesha Abrahams... arrests made over alleged murder.
''We probably will do,'' said Detective Inspector Russell Oxford of the homicide squad.
He said early in the investigation into Kiesha's disappearance that detectives had examined Ayden's death at six weeks of age, but had not continued.
''It's something we have looked at,'' he said.
The distraught grandmother of Kiesha and Ayden, Liz Weippeart, said yesterday that both her grandchildren had now been taken from her and she wanted her grandson's death re-investigated.
Ms Weippeart said she had cared for Ayden for the first six weeks of his life.
''He slept in my bed,'' she said.
But he had died just four days after leaving her care to live with his mother, she said.
Yesterday Detective Inspector Oxford said investigations into Kiesha's alleged murder were continuing.
An autopsy is expected to be conducted tomorrow on skeletal remains found in bushland at Shalvey, near Mount Druitt, just hours after Ms Abraham and Mr Smith's arrest in a nearby laneway.
Kiesha was reported missing on August 1 last year, but police believe her mother and stepfather killed her at least four days before that.
Following Kiesha's disappearance, a spokeswoman for the NSW Coroner said Ayden's death had been investigated and there were no suspicious findings.

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