Saturday, 5 February 2011

SIDS: Crack babies suffer needlessly for mother's addiction

February 01, 2011
A crack baby is a child that is born to a mother that uses cocaine. According to, crack babies don’t develop fully, either emotionally or intellectually. They are permanently damaged.
 Some of the defects that a crack baby can have are respiratory and neurologic defects, and it’s four times more likely for the baby to be premature. The Sudden Infant Death Syndrome rate is also much higher for crack babies.
Most crack babies grow up neglected, especially when their parents are cocaine addicts. That just gives them more problems because it’s harder for them to succeed.

I believe that women that are pregnant and are addicted to cocaine should get help before the addiction gets worse because it’s not fair for the baby.
 Pregnant women should be able to give up their addiction if they really love the baby and if they don’t want it to suffer once it’s born. 
 When the babies are born they are the ones that suffer because they have trouble fitting in. Not only do they have trouble fitting in, but they have trouble concentrating and they have poor conduct.
Some crack babies are neglected by their family because of the way they act. If their family is actually there for them, then they will most likely succeed at more things in life than they would if they were neglected.
If women that are pregnant would get punished for putting their baby in danger, there would probably be a bigger possibility that they would get help for their addiction before it harms the baby.
 I believe that if they don’t want to give up their addiction or get help for for the baby then the mother should just give the baby up for adoption. If the mom keeps the baby, it will only be harder for both of them and they will only be exposed to violence later on in their lives. 
 If they grow up exposed to violence they will only suffer more and they will have many more problems. So it would be better if the baby is put up for adoption so that it won’t grow up being exposed to violence and drugs because of its parents.

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