Saturday, 12 February 2011

SBS: Indiana: Marquise Holmes charged in infant’s injuries

February 10, 2011
A Fort Wayne man is accused of causing skull fractures to a 6-month-old child he was caring for last year.
Marquise T. Holmes, 22,  was formally charged  with battery and neglect of a dependent.
Paramedics were called June 3 to a city home where they found an unconscious infant. According to court documents, hospital tests showed the baby boy had multiple skull fractures – some that were fresh, others that appeared to be in various stages of healing.
The baby’s mother said she had left him in Holmes’ care. Holmes told police the infant at some point had a seizure, then said he didn’t know whether it was a seizure but that the child’s eyes rolled back into his head and he was “out of it,” according to court documents.
The child survived.
Doctors told police the injuries were consistent with shaken baby syndrome, according to court documents.


  1. M. Clement:
    I was summoned to be a juror on this case (went to trial 7 Sep 2011), and it was slated to be a 2-day event.
    Needless to say, I was dismissed as a juror, because of my personal beliefs when it comes to infant abuse or neglect.

    I blogged about this case and included the "rap sheet" of the accused, which was LENGTHY, so the man has a history of battery.

    The defense was trying to infer the "intent" of the accused, which to me, seemed ridiculous.
    There was physical EVIDENCE.

    Now, I live in a part of my city that has changed dramatically over the past dozen years, and I've driven streets in other towns that suffer the same trends when it comes to criminal behavior.

    I also come from a police family, and have learned what to look for...and I am rarely in error when I size a person up.

    I appreciate your input on this case.

    The infant survived, but the long-tern effects of the injuries sustained might not manifest themselves for years.

    Very good post, sir.

    Thanks for covering this.

  2. Okay so just because he has a history of battery do not mean he harmed that child. Im a friend of mom, and I know for a fact she harmed that her self. She and I know the deal. She drink and smoke alot, the baby fell out her bed twice when I was at her home partying with her and Marquise Holme's sister. I feel bad that she would blame it on him afer begging him to be with her and threatening to say he hurted the baby

  3. EVERYONE lose in this But at the same time how the hell can so many ppl @ the time know the mother was not take care of the baby & let all this go on & not say or do anything before all of this happen? Because if that is true then Marquise would be home if he did nothing wrong, and had someone step in & called the police on her.

  4. Well he couldn't dis much if he was still having sex with her and she begging him to be with her. Smoking weed and drinking, having all kind of men at her house means she is not a good mother. Leeandra should be honest & let the court know the truth. Its okay once that appeal come up, I will testify! That's a promise, she need to be locked away!

  5. she a liar she did that to her baby and blamed it on him her exact words were "If he is not with me he wont be with anybody" shell get whats coming to her.

  6. LoL yall! so petty! For yall to say that she would do that to her son over a young boy, when there are people out here that know her and her family! and she was not raised in that type of family! but I know Marquise and his family aint shit! His own mom aint even got or had custody of her own kids! so he only doing things that he have been thur and he must was beat and got cust out alot. and his dad aint to much of nothin. so the apple dont fall far from the tree. He was high off drugs and he couldent deal with the baby and he shock him and tryed to blame her if he couldent do it, then he should have said that! I was at the court and watched the video for thoes that was not there he told on his self when he said,(I cant say she did IT!) and (I cant say I did IT!) But its only between two people. What?????? a Damn ghost did IT! Come on now whoever you are JAN9, learn yeah facts and stay in a kids place. he had a chance to speak during trial but if he had of spoke he would have put his foot in his mouth! And if she gots what coming to her DO it! Because you got alot of people thats behind her and you can bet he want be coming home if you try her or her son and family so if you want to make threats state your name but you know better then that so stay ANONYMOUS!

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