Friday, 4 February 2011

SBS: Texas:

February 2, 2011


Hudson Police and Child Protective Services are investigating the suspicious death of a 4-month-old Hudson boy.
On Jan. 28, the baby was in the care of a baby sitter when the baby sitter notified the mother of a health issue with the boy, according to Hudson Police Chief Jeff Burns.
The baby was taken to a local hospital for a possible seizure and later flown to Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston with a large amount of blood on his brain, CPS officials said.
The baby, determined to be brain dead, died in Houston Sunday after being taken off life support, CPS officials said. Because the boy suffered bilateral retinal hemorrhages, the case is being investigated as possible shaken baby syndrome, according to information from CPS and Hudson Police.
Burns said in a Wednesday phone interview that the department is currently waiting for official autopsy results from Houston.
“Because the child had diagnosed underlying medical problems, we can’t say foul play is involved until we get the autopsy results back,” Burns said. “Due to the suspicious nature of the death, we also can’t rule out foul play.”
Burns said autopsy results could be back early next week.
Monday, CPS officials removed three other children, ages 4, 3 and 1, from the home, placing them in foster care.
The case remains under investigation, Burns said.

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