Thursday, 25 November 2010

SIDS: Cot death tragedy of Cumbrian baby

23 November 2010
A healthy 20-week-old baby from Cleator Moor tragically died in his cot of sudden infant death syndrome.
Lucas Howland was said to be a “normal, bouncing baby” when he was put to bed by his mother, Alana Newton, on the evening of July 27 this year.
Lucas was fine when Ms Newton checked on him at 11pm, an inquest heard yesterday, but when she woke in the morning it became clear that her son had died during the night.
The baby’s grandfather, William Newton, tried to resuscitate him at his home at Greenthwaite, Cleator Moor, but Lucas was pronounced dead after being taken to the West Cumberland Hospital.
A postmortem revealed that Lucas was a “well grown and cared for baby” and there were no suspicious findings.
Coroner David Roberts ruled that Lucas died of natural causes.

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  1. SIDS is not death from natural causes.

    SIDS is an explanation for ignorance on the part of authorities.

    What vaccines and drugs did this baby have before this death.

    Also I note the closeness possibly of nuclear bomb making factories at Sellafield/Windscale/Seascale etc.

    A death to an infant led to the conviction of a lady in this area where 17 police officers got commendations but the affect of nuclear pollution in this area was forgotten.

    What is the affect over time of low level radiation and uranium and plutonium ingestion on little children in this area?

    Mercury is very toxic and in vaccines but these radioactive chemicals are excessively dangerous too.