Saturday, 6 November 2010

SBS: Wrong use of expression SBS

October 26, 2010
The family of injured Montgomery police Cpl. David Brown filed a lawsuit against the city of Montgomery on Tuesday seeking worker’s compensation benefits.
Brown was escorting a funeral Sept. 11 when a driver in the procession pulled out and hit his motorcycle. Afterward, the ambulance carrying him turned over on the way to the hospital.
The lawsuit states that Brown’s duties that day were done “with permission, knowledge and approval of the City of Montgomery Police Department and were performed for the benefit of the department and citizens of Montgomery.”
The city has said Brown was working for the funeral home in an off-duty capacity that day.
Since the accidents, he has undergone numerous operations, including the amputation of his right leg above the knee and his left arm above the elbow.
He had been on a ventilator but began breathing on his own last week. His brother said he was put back on the ventilator Monday after developing a case of pneumonia, but doctors feel it is treatable and he will be back breathing his own soon.
The suit, which was filed in Montgomery County Circuit Court, also states Brown has suffered permanent disability, including “a broken jaw, cracked pallet, shaken baby syndrome, bleeding on the brain and multiple infections in his amputated limbs. He remains in a coma and is on a ventilator as well as dialysis.”The lawsuit states that at the time of the accident Brown was earning $925 per week. The suit seeks “compensation and medical expenses and any other relief to which he is entitled under the workers’ compensation laws of the state of Alabama.”
A letter was sent to the city Sept. 30 asking for a review of its position regarding Brown’s worker’s compensation eligibility. Brown’s brother said that they had not heard back from the city since that time.
Todd Brown said his brother “will have astronomical bills.”
“We are not trying to grab money,” he said. “We just want him to be declared on-duty.”

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