Saturday, 6 November 2010

SBS: Naranjo cleared, England

Childminder cleared of shaken baby death
A south London childminder has been cleared of shaking a baby to death as she allegedly force fed him.
Dylan Salinas had a heart attack when he was eight months old and died two months later in June 2007.
Childminder Carmen Toscano Naranjo, 34, of Camberwell, was charged after it was found that Dylan died from brain damage.
The prosecution alleged that he was shaken by Toscano Naranjo after he refused to take his milk as she was trying to force feed him.
But the defence at the Old Bailey claimed the baby died because he was not well.
Toscano Naranjo, who had been on bail, had insisted she did not hurt the baby and had not force fed him.
She was found not guilty of murder in May last year, but was retried after the jury could not reach verdicts on manslaughter and child cruelty.
But in Monday's hearing she was cleared of child cruelty involving a child, and formally cleared of manslaughter when the second jury could not agree a verdict.
The three-week trial had heard from ten experts and a pathologist, but medical opinion was split on what led to the baby's death.
Judge Gerald Gordon entered a not guilty verdict to manslaughter after the prosecution said it would no longer offer any evidence against her.

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