Friday, 26 November 2010

SBS: Diane Honaker; Omaha

A tearful Diane Honaker sits in the Sarpy County Jail courtroom this morning after just learning her bond on child abuse charges wouldn't be reduced.
It still sits at ten percent of $75,000.
She was arrested Saturday at her in-home daycare.
"She was interviewed and based upon the results of the investigation she was arrested Saturday for child abuse intention which is a felony."
Captain Dan Williamson with the Sarpy County Sheriff's Department says the child's parents took her to the doctor Friday.
"That's when it was determined the child had some blood on the brain and blood on the eyes which is indicative of shaken baby syndrome," said Williamson.
While the Sarpy County Sheriff's office might be convinced this is a case of shaken baby syndrome, at least one of Honaker's friends says that simply isn't the case.
The friend didn't want to appear on camera, but told Honaker's side of the story outside the Sarpy County Jail today.
"There's a lot of facts on this case that have not been told. The media has been told one side of the story," said the friend.
She added, "There are medical conditions (referring to the child) that have not been brought to the media's attention. Accusations have been made and investigation has been poor."
"There's always two sides to every story. And Miss Honaker's version of what's going on has not been out there yet because we haven't had the opportunity to sit down and do an extensive interview," said Honaker's defense attorney Chris Lathrop.
Lathrop said he hadn't had a chance to look at the case but authorities are jumping to conclusions with the shaken baby charge.
"To say it's shaken baby syndrome at this point is absolutely speculative and there's plenty of experts out there who would testify to that."

Honaker's friend also says Honaker wanted to call 911 and have the baby taken to the hospital right away but the parents didn't do that.

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