Monday, 7 November 2011

SBS: Virginia: Amy Hunter charged

A Quantico woman has been accused of shaking a baby in her care in April, causing fatal injuries to the nine-month-old girl, according to court papers.
Amy Hunter, who lived on the Marine Corps but was not a Marine, was charged earlier in October with second-degree murder in federal court in Virginia.
Hunter was caring for the baby, as well as her own young daughter, on April 26 when she called 911 and said the baby had “hit the back of her head really hard,”according to an affidavit written by Andrea David, special agent for the U.S. Naval Criminal Investigative Service.
Hunter told authorities that she had gone to the bathroom and returned to find the baby standing and holding onto a chair. When she said the child’s name, Hunter said, the baby fell backwards and struck her head on a chair rail.
The baby suffered from skull fractures, swelling and other injuries, according to court papers. She was removed from life support on April 28.
In a follow-up interview, court papers say, Hunter admitted she “repeatedly shook” the child, causing the baby’s head to hit the wall. She said she also had shaken the baby about three weeks earlier.
A search of Hunter’s computer showed that between January and April someone had searched “shaken baby syndrome” and “baby hits back of head” several times, according to court papers.
Hunter’s lawyer could not immediately be reached for comment.

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