Monday, 7 November 2011

SBS: Arizona: Casey Brandon Rose chareged

October 26, 2011 3:35 pm
Jackson County District Attorney Charlie Rhodes said Wednesday an investigation is ongoing in a case involving a Scottsboro man who has been accused of severely injuring his two-month old son. 
Casey Brandon Rose, 30, remains in the Jackson County Jail on a $100,000 bond, charged with domestic violence first degree. 
Rose was arrested Oct. 15 after Scottsboro Police Department investigators received a call from Huntsville Hospital and DHR regarding the child's condition after he showed signs of injuries consistent with shaken baby syndrome.
Shaken baby syndrome is a type of inflicted traumatic brain injury that happens when a baby is violently shaken. Shaking makes a baby's fragile brain bounce back and forth inside the skull causing bruising, swelling and bleeding, which can lead to permanent, severe brain damage or death.
According to Scottsboro Police Captain Barry Capps, the baby has been moved from intensive care at the hospital into a regular room.
"He's now able to drink and eat without a feeding tube," said Capps. 
However, the child remains with "significant injuries," according to Rhodes. 
Rhodes said Rose's charge of felony domestic violence remains the same. He said the case will, at some point, likely go before a grand jury.
Rhodes said part of the investigation is seeking all medical records of the child, adding how prosecutors proceed depends on a final diagnosis or prognosis of the child.

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  1. Remember news will post articals and normally only see them from one perspective in order to get viewers attention. Casey has gentle giant syndrom. I heard every angle of this story and only some of it adds up. Truth will be told when its all said and done. This family has been destroyed enough with this on going issue, please don't post hateful comments.