Monday, 7 November 2011

SBS: Pennsylvania: Kristopher Trescoe hearing

 October 20, 2011
A father accused of shaking his baby was in court on Thursday, where a doctor talked about the boy’s injuries.
Kristopher Trescoe and his wife came to his preliminary hearing together. Police said Trescoe was home alone with his five-month-old twins when his son became unresponsive.
Thursday was the first time the courtroom heard from the doctor who examined the baby. The doctor, from Children's Hospital, read a report she wrote that was several pages long.
The report said the baby needed "aggressive life support" and had several "seizures."
The report also said the baby "was born a healthy child" and the injuries are a result of "shaken baby syndrome."
Trescoe's attorneys disagreed with those findings.
"A lot of medical testing still needs to occur. We're still waiting for that, and Scott and I are both very confident, as well as Richie's mother and father, when all the medical records are compiled and given to us, it's going to be a very different case than the commonwealth presented this morning," said attorney William Brandstetter.
The attorney said the child could suffer from an illness, and that would explain the child's condition. He said the baby is now at home recovering.

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