Saturday, 25 June 2011

SBS: Tennessee: Dustin McCord charged

 June 21, 2011
A doctor testified Tuesday that a five-month-old baby brought to Children's Hospital June 5, suffered from "shaken baby syndrome." Dr. Martin Hall said Jayden Bartholomew suffered brain damage and likely will have seizures the rest of his life.
A charge of aggravated child abuse was bound to the Grand Jury against Dustin McCord, boyfriend of the child's mother. He remains on $60,000 bond.

It was testified that the child's mother, Monica Bartholomew, had gone next door, leaving McCord with the child. He then told her the child was stiffening up.
Dr. Hall testified that the child "has new and old subdural hematomas, so bleeding around the brain, an associative brain injury. He has retinal hemorrhages, so bleeding behind the eye."  He added, "It would need to be very vigorous shaking so that any individual would recognize it as being harmful."  Dr. Hall said, "I think it's very likely that this child will have neurologic disabilities as a result of his injuries that's likely to be permanent."

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