Friday, 24 June 2011

SBS: Newfoundland: Jeffery Tippett trial continues

June 9, 2011 : Gary Kean
The seventh day of testimony at the second-degree murder trial of Jeffery Tippett involved the court hearing more evidence from medical experts Thursday.
Another medical expert has testified at Jeffery Tippett’s second-degree murder trial that she does not believe the injuries Tameron Rose presented with at hospital on Jan. 30, 2007 could have been caused by an accident.
Tippett’s trial in the Supreme Court of Newfoundland and Labrador in Corner Brook resumed Thursday morning with evidence from Dr. Andrea Reid, the radiologist at Western Memorial Regional Hospital who would have analyzed the first CT scans done of the 11-month-old child not long after he was brought to hospital from Tippett’s home.
After describing the bleeding she found in the membranes between Tameron’s skull and brain and what she suspected might be bleeding in the brain tissue itself, Reid was asked why her notes on her findings included a suspicion that this may be a case of child abuse or shaken baby syndrome.
Like other medical experts who have already testified at the trial, Reid said she did not believe the type of injuries she saw were consistent with the explanations she was given, which included that Tameron had hit his head on Tippett’s shoulder.
Reid said that, although a skull fracture at the back of Tameron’s head was not discovered during her analysis of the CT scans, she compared his brain injury to someone having fallen to the ground from several stories.
The trial continues this afternoon.

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