Friday, 17 June 2011

SBS: Deborah Parlock trial: earlier evidence

Jessica Munden said just a couple of days after her son began staying at a Liberty Township day care center operated by Deborah Parlock on Aug. 11, 2008, the infant began projectile vomiting.
The problem worsened to the point that Nicholas Munden was hospitalized locally and in Chicago.
Nicholas recovered, was taken back to Parlock's and all went well until Sept. 19, 2008, when they boy was rushed to the hospital with trouble breathing.
Chief Deputy Prosecutor Matthew Frost told jurors Monday that evidence this week will show Nicholas later died at the age of 6 months as a result of being abused by Parlock.
Parlock, 56, who periodically cried as Jessica testified, is charged with a Class A felony of battery resulting in the death of a person younger than 14. She faces between 20 and 50 years behind bars if convicted.
Defense attorney John Vouga told jurors the evidence will show Nicholas, of Chesterton, died of natural causes that began well before he began staying with Parlock and that could have been prevented with proper medical care.

The boy suffered from acid reflux, a head that was swelling "off the charts" from fluids, and he would arch back and scream.
"There was something going wrong with this little guy," Vouga said.
Munden testified Nicholas did not wake up as easy as usual on that last morning he was taken to day care.
Parlock found Nicholas unresponsive at her house on the day in question, Vouga said. She then performed CPR on the boy.
While the boy had bleeding behind his eyes, he did not have a single mark on his body or fracture to support a theory he was shaken or otherwise battered, Vouga said.

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