Saturday, 29 January 2011

SIDS: Tan Yik Kiat: Baby died while lying on tummy

Jan 20, 2011 : By Elena Chong and Tham Yuen-C

WHEN babysitter Wong Poh Chun left her four-month-old charge after putting him to bed, he was lying on his stomach and sound asleep.
Four hours later, when she went to wake him up, he was not moving and his palms had turned purple.
At an inquest on Thursday, State Coroner Victor Yeo said he was unable to ascertain the manner or the cause of the death.
The pathologist who examined Tan Yik Kiat's body said his death on July 27 was most likely due to natural causes linked to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, or the result of an accidental death by suffocation.
Yik Kiat had been sleeping on a mattress with his tummy facing down, arms over his head and face tilted to the side.
The babysitter said this was how she would normally put her charges to bed, as they would sleep better and not be shocked by any sudden loud noises.

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