Monday, 17 January 2011

SBS: West Virginia: Gary Lee Hensley

Prestonsburg Police say a man arrested on child abuse charges turns out to be a fugitive from Ohio.
35 year old Gary Lee Hensley is accused of severely beating his own baby.
Police discovered he allegedly fled from custody in Ohio before moving to Floyd County.
Prestonsburg Police say doctors at Highlands Regional Medical Center called officers to the hospital Saturday night after an ambulance brought in a seven week old baby.
“There were injuries that would range from fractures to bleeding around the brain. It's an obvious sign of shaken baby syndrome,” Detective Steve Little said.
Investigators questioned the parents, 30 year old Rachel Ousley and 35 year old Gary Hensley and charged them in connection with alleged abuse. Hensley is facing first degree assault charges. When officers arrested him, they discovered he is a wanted fugitive from Ohio.
“My indication was he walked away from a halfway house there,” Detective Little said.
Gary Hensley turned down our request for a jailhouse interview. He is being held at the detention center on a half million dollar bond.
Investigators say the seven week old baby boy has broken legs and severe head trauma. He is now at Cabell-Huntington Hospital in West Virginia.
Police say the child is now in social services custody.

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