Wednesday, 5 January 2011

SBS: Tennessee: Steven Grayson

By Nick Kenney
A Memphis father is charges after police said he shook his three-month-old baby so severely he had to be rushed to LeBonheur Children's Hospital.
Steven Grayson was arrested and charged with one count of aggravated child abuse after he was accused of repeatedly shaking his son.
On December 18, police were called to LeBonheur after being alerted about a possible child abuse case after the three-month-old was diagnosed with a skull fracture and bleeding on his brain.
Police said the baby had been at home inside an apartment complex off of Mill Branch near Shelby Drive.
The three-month-old was initially taken to nearby Methodist South Hospital.  Once there, paramedics rushed him to LeBonheur in critical condition.
On December 23, investigators interviewed Grayson.  According to the affidavit of complaint, he "admitted that he has shaken the three-month-old victim real hard every day since the day after Thanksgiving."
The baby was physically shaken for 22 straight days before finally being taken to the hospital.
Grayson was being held at 201 Poplar on a $100,000 bond.
Grayson has no criminal history or arrest record.  Investigators did not identify his son, so his latest condition is unknown.  According to court records, the baby is alive.

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