Wednesday, 6 July 2011

SIDS: Good Habits To Prevent Sudden Infant Death

Baby on her back

The recommendations have long changed. Before we had a baby to sleep on his stomach to facilitate digestion and prevent possible regurgitation. But many studies have shown that this position five times the risk of sudden infant death syndrome. In most cases, there was choking because of blankets or a mattress too soft. A baby under six months is indeed not yet capable of turning around.

Now for the safety of your baby, pediatricians recommend your child to sleep on their backs, except in very special cases. Since that measures the rate of sudden death has greatly diminished. Adopt the prone position for the games. And you allow him to see his environment in a different way.

Do not worry if you find your baby in a position a little odd, for example glued to the walls of the bed. He seeks contact, the same feeling of security when he was in your belly. It ensures that his face is well clear When lying on your back, your baby should not be hampered by a blanket or soft toys that may come on his face.
Sleep, the perfect outfit is a pair of pajamas, a frog. You can then install it in a sleeping bag or sleeping bag (sleeping bag closed by straps over the shoulders). If it's really cold, you can add thickness, a T-shirt under his pajamas or a wool jacket over it. Optionally, add a light blanket so he can push it easily if it is too hot.

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