Thursday, 7 April 2011

SBS: Connecticutt: Aisha and Wadham Alamri on rehab program

A couple facing felony assault charges after their 9-month-old son was diagnosed with serious injuries consistent with shaken-baby syndrome last year was admitted into a diversionary court program on Friday that would drop the offenses from their records.
Aisha Alamri, 27, and Wadham Alamri, 25, now of Greenwich, were admitted to the accelerated rehabilitation program Friday at state Superior Court in Stamford and must serve 18 months probation, after which the state would wipe their records clean of first-degree assault and risk of injury to a child charges, both felonies. They also must cooperate with the state Department of Children and Families and comply with a parenting plan.
Formerly of Hope Street, the Alamris were arrested last January after Stamford police officers came to their home with arrest and search warrants. In an incident in December 2009, the baby was bleeding internally behind the eyes and had signs of old and new internal bleeding around his brain, police said. The soft spot on top of its head was also damaged. The injuries were so severe the baby was taken to Yale-New Haven Hospital.
The injuries were consistent with accidents, physical trauma or shaken-baby syndrome. While at Yale-New Haven, a trauma team concluded the baby would be injured again if he returned home.
Officers interviewed the married couple in January 2010. They gave officers an inconsistent account of events leading to their son's injuries. Police said the physical layout of their home did not match their account.
As a result, the DCF took custody of the child.
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