Saturday, 23 October 2010

SBS: Coalson, Tennessee

By Tom Smith

 October 15, 2010
A local man has been indicted for child abuse after he was accused of throwing an infant into a playpen to stop the child from crying.
Franklin County court officials said the indictment against Thomas Reece Coalson II, 27, 1210 Cave Hollow Road, Russellville, was issued during the September grand jury session.
Russellville police said the abuse reportedly occurred in July at the child's residence in Freddy Mills Trailer Park in Russellville.
Reports indicate the 18-month-old boy's head was injured and he had to be hospitalized for some time. Authorities said he is now doing well.
Police said Coalson, who was the boyfriend of the baby's mother at the time of the reported abuse, is accused of throwing and shaking the baby in an effort to get him to stop crying.
Franklin County District Attorney Joey Rushing said the case against Coalson will be set for arraignment Oct. 26 and could be placed on the December trial docket.
Investigators said Coalson is accused of putting one hand over the boy's mouth and the other hand at the back of boy's head, lifting the boy by head and throwing him into the playpen, causing a head injury.
According to research by the National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome, crying is the number one action leading to incidences of violent shaking.
“(Shaken Baby Syndrome) is a common situation that is seen, particularly if a child is left in the care of someone who is not familiar with keeping a small child,” said Randy Parker, intern director of the Cramer Children's Center in Florence.
According to the Epilepsy Association of Central Florida, half the people who commit an act of Shaken Baby Syndrome are biological parents.
That report notes 17 percent are non-relatives and 17 percent are boyfriends of the child's mother, while 6 percent are stepparents.

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